Kicking Off 2016: My Goals & Expectations

By January 30, 2016Blog

2015 at a Glance

A new year has started and its that time again to reflect on my previous successes and future goals and expectations for 2016. 2015 was a break through year for me in micro stakes and being in the poker training world, where I have seen steady growth in my brand and offerings.

In 2015, I accomplished the following:

  • Produced 3 wildly success poker courses on
  • Wrote and self-published 3 self-published poker books, one which is current the #1 best selling poker on
  • Gained over 700 new subscribers on my YouTube Channel
  • Broke the $1,000 profit mark on playing 5nl and 10nl

Essential Poker Math – An Amazon Best Seller

My book, Essential Poker Math has been a best seller on in the US sitting at the number 1 or 2 spot for roughly 6 months now, with my print edition going as high as the number 2 spot! I am truly blessed to see such success and to know my hard work and dedication to writing an exceptional beginning poker math book has paid off! Thank you to all of you who have purchased my book and helped make me a success.

Amazon Best Sellers

2016 Goals and Expectations

I have no plans to slow down in 2016. It is the peddle to the metal for me now that I am settled into my new house. I have plans to write several new books and produce several new courses.

My 2016 Goals & Expectations:

  • Write Crush the Micro Stakes Volume II & III Books. Volume I will focus on fundamental TAG poker play and volume II will discuss intermediate and advanced micro stakes concepts and strategies.
  • Write Volume II and III of Essential Poker Math. Volume II will focus on intermediate and more advanced practical poker mathematics and Volume III will be a practice workbook of poker math situations and scenarios.
  • Produce several new Udemy poker courses to included (1) Intermediate & Advanced Micro Stakes Play, based off my Crush Micro Stakes Volume II book, (2) Intermediate & Advanced Poker Math, (3) potentially a micro stakes SnG and MTT course.
  • Continue to play the micro stakes, aiming for a small volume or 5k hands per month.
  • Continue to read poker books and watching training material to further enhance my poker game.
  • Re-Design & Modernize the Website
  • Provide poker coaching services in my spare time.
  • Produce regular blog posts for

2016 Results So Far (Insanely Small Sample Size)

As you can see, I have not played much poker so far in 2016. I just recently, near the end of January started playing again. I was busy landscaping my backyard so my dogs had a place to go and hang out and I’ve been in the process of selling my condo…so it has been busy. But, I’m going to continue to focus on poker and good results. While this sample size is insanely small, the results are good so far. 36.09BB/100 and being up 8 buy-ins at 5nl makes me happy!

January 2016 Results

What I’m Currently Reading

I just started reading Matthew Janda’s Application of No-Limit Hold em. While this book won’t do me too much good at the micro stakes, since I won’t be facing many good opponents and trying to balance my ranges with a GTO perspective of play, I think it is vitally important to understand game theory in poker so I know why I am playing a certain way. Also, as I move up in stakes (when poker is fully regulated in the United States), I will need to understand game theory. Lastly, reading and understanding game theory just helps you become a better overall, thinking poker player…something I aim to continue to do!

Setting Your Own Goals & Expectations

I highly recommend you also reflect on your 2015 successes in life and poker and then set realistic, stretch goal and expectations for 2016. This will give you tangible items to strive both in life and poker. I wish you all the best at the poker tables in 2016!