Milestone Achievement: $1,000 Profit Mark

By July 21, 2015Blog

By Alton Hardin | Published July 21, 2015

Earlier this year I set a personal milestone goal to break the $1,000 profit mark playing 5nl and 10nl 6-Max NLHE on Bovada and I’m happy to say that after 150k hands on Bovada I reached that point. I feels good to break the $1k mark and to continue onward and upwards.

I do plan to continue to play 5nl and 10nl as part of my Bovada Zone Challenge, but once I feel I am adequately rolled for 25nl and I have a decent sample size for my Zone Challenge, I’ll make the jump up to 25nl.

Alton Hardin 5nl and 10nl Winnings Graph Alton Hardin Win Rate