How wide should we value 3-Bet bet?  


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September 26, 2016 7:52 am  

I found your "3-betting 101 for beginners"  really helpful, but there are two things i don't quite understand. When you list up the general guidelines you say

  • Consider your opponent’s 3-bet flatting range and 4-betting range

1 How could i know any of these?

2 If i knew, how should i put the information to good use?


You said 67% was enough fold equity to profitably set the polarized 3-betting range to use. How do i know if a person folds 67% of the time?

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September 26, 2016 9:35 am  

Glad you found the course valuable, here are my answers to your questions.

If you play online and use a HUD, such as Poker Tracker 4, it'll give you an idea of your opponent's 3-betting, 3-bet flatting, and 4-betting range by recording what each opponent did in previous hands. If you don't use a HUD, you should take notes in your poker client so you have an idea of your opponents' ranges. If you play live, you should take mental notes and pay attention to what your opponent's are doing at the table and how they're playing.

Again, you can use your HUD to see how often your opponent is folding to 3-bets. If you don't use a HUD or play live, you should be paying close attention to the action at the table to determine how often your opponent is folding to 3-bets.

All-in-all, either you use a HUD or take good (mental) notes and have a good idea of how your opponent is playing. For example, I was watching cash game poker on Poker Central and one fairly nitty older opponent was folding to almost 100% of 3-bets all episode, so whenever he called a raise or open-raised himself, some of his aggressive opponents were 3-bet bluffing him relentlessly because he wasn't adjusting to their bluffing.

If you have no history or idea of how your opponent plays and his / her ranges, then stick to a linear 3-bet range until you know you can get away with 3-bet bluffs profitably.