Section 6: Combinatorics: AXs flush - Why is it 5 combos?  


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June 10, 2017 4:48 am  


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June 11, 2017 1:46 pm  

I am aware that AK there are 16 combos, 12 unsuited, 4 suited. The last video at section 6: stop time 12:22 in, stated that from A6s - A9s and AJ there are 5 combos ( then included Kxs and added an additional 1 combo.) I thought it would be 16 combos each, totalling 80 combos or is it simply counting AXs cards the villain could be holding and Aces can't be counted more than once - totalling 20 combos instead of 80?

We are counting heart flush draws and not considering backdoor flush draws. A♥J♥, A♥9♥, A♥8♥, A♥7♥, and A♥6♥ since we expect our opponent to get to the turn with these five combos of nut flush draws that we beat.

I would be ever so grateful if you could please explain further how you reached to this conclusion especially when J9 and 97 are 16 combos each.

J9 suited is 4 combos, J9 off-suited is an additional 12 combos. Same for 97 suited and offsuited, Those are both straight draws villain can call on the flop as well.

Could you also recommend other books, videos and sites to improve our hand reading and combinatorics and will you be doing some more?

I can't recommend any. I pretty much learned the process of hand reading and combinatorics on my own and watching a variety of training videos that don't focus solely on this concept.

PPs: How do you use Equity Trainer with Equilabs or are there sources you can recommend us to for us to master the hand reading and combinatorics?

I don't use the Equity Trainer in Equilab. I'd Google search to see if anybody has anything on it.