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August 9, 2017 8:28 pm  

hello all - new to microgrinder , with this being my first post, aside from the intro. Happy to be here. Anyways - could someone (Alton if possible, or anyone whose taken all the courses for that matter) direct me as to which course I should go through first? I am not a beginner, maybe logged in the ballpark of 300 - 325k hands over past year and a half to two years on and off, with massive time gaps between play, slightly losing at the game over the longrun, with some extended breakeven stretches, and some upswings (inevitable) but overall, a swingy kinda crazy graph, that i feel could be much more upward given that my leaks get plugged. I do not play full time, as i work 9-5, but def serious about the game. basically just getting back into swing of things such as a playing schedule(5days per week) and volume goals (2k hands per day/session/multi-tabling 6-10 tables) as i used to have a regiment, and am working to get it back.

So looking to fine tune some strategy/theory stuff, but skip some of the super beginner stuff, although i wouldn't mind some refreshers either. I have the mindset that one can never PERFECT a game of imperfect information, although playing "perfect" nlhe is more and more of a reality to some of the best in the world every day. Clearly im not worried about being perfect, im playing micros and i think exploitative play is more the focus, and im more worried about eeking out a 1 or 2bb/100 over a husky sample! just wanna fine tune some details and plug some leaks. Which course would be right for me to start? "Conquering micros"was my best guess by lookng through the previews?? but figured I'd throw it out here and see if anyone can offer some insight? They all look good and I'll eventually get through all courses but just looking for starting point that I can dive into right away! Thnx in advance!!! (had 2 edit some typos!)

ps- main focus is 6maxcash - 10nl-25nl ...after editing this 3 times, i am just gonna appologize ahead of time for the massive post, and for anything that isn't "standard forum etiquette" because again - this is the first online community i've ever joined and im excited about it! any tips on that is greatly appreciated as well! later.

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August 13, 2017 10:41 am  

Welcome! Its really hard to provide a definitive recommendation, but you might want to start with the Pre-Flop Mastery Course then jump to the Conquer Micro Stakes Course. I'd say though might be good...but watch the free preview videos before you enroll, as well as browse the course outlines...and let me know if you have any questions after that.