Question Regarding "Bottom 3%"  


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December 3, 2016 11:34 pm  

Hi, new student here. So I was going through the easily digestible content, when I came into a few questions. In Section 4: Video 2 of the "The Complete Micro Stakes Online Poker Mastery Guide" online series, I noticed at around 4:40, the concept of the "Bottom 3%" comes up. So I was wondering how to find the villians "bottom X%"? I wanted to know because, if a player has 30 Vpip, that means he plays the top 30% of all hands. That means the bottom 50% of his range is half of 30% of all hands? Please advise, thank you.I want to better visualize my opponents range when playing live. 

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December 4, 2016 10:01 am  

Hi - You can visualize portions of your opponent's perceived range (I say perceived because its always an educated guess on our end) using Equilab (the software I used in the lecture). For example in the one video I looked at a 21% range, removed the top 18% and the 3% left where the hands you saw when I said the bottom 3%.

Yes - you're thinking correctly about the 30% VPIP example.