Pre-Flop Bet Size Raising: Raising OOP as SB and accommodate for min-raisers and those who call behind  


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May 16, 2016 1:55 pm


In the Pre-Flop Bet Size Raising Section, for the 3xBB + 1x/L + 1BB formula does that apply for SB as well? If not do you have a formula or raising OOP as SB? How do you factor OOP/button pre-flop raise bet sizing when there are min-raises from various positions? I assume a 3x 3bet would suffice?

Also, as for 3-bet over min-raises, I assume we also disregard folks who "call behind" as well? Would 3x raise based + 1x for every caller after the min raise on a 3bb open as well?

For example, say for NLHE 2NL, I'm on the BB there is a open min-raise from MP and a call on the CO, so a suggested raise would be .12? (4x 3bb = .12) Or should we raise more to isolate? If so, how much more with a min-raise + min-raise-call (+so on and so forth)?

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Hi, yes the 3xBB + 1BB/Limper + 1BB (if OOP) applies in the SB. The formula:

  • In Position Raising Limpers: 3BB raise + 1BB / Limper
  • Out of Position Raising Limpers: 3BB raise + 1BB / Limper + 1BB for Being OOP

However, please use this as starting guidelines and adjust your raise sizing accordingly to game dynamics. For example, if you have lots of calling stations that are limp / calling your standard raise sizing, then raise more for fact, raise as much as your possibly can and they are still willing to call with ATC (any two cards).

As for dealing with min-raises, your 3betting strategy will vary and its a complex answer. It all depends on the goal of your 3bet (value or bluff), your opponents 3bet calling calling range, how often your opponent is calling 3-bets, etc. With that said,in this course we focus on 3-betting for value and at the micro stakes lots of bad players will be calling way too many 3-bets. So we should size our 3-bets exploitatively to maximize value. Instead of our standard ~3x their raise (2bb x 3 = 6bb), we should raise based upon a standard 3bb open to get more money in the pot. So I'd make it ~9bb.

3-Bet Sizing:

  • OOP to Pre-Flop Raiser: 3 to 3.5x Re-Raise (we want to raise more OOP due to our positional disadvantage)
  • In Position to Pre-Flop Raiser: 2.5 to 3x Re-Raise (we want to raise less in position due to our positional advantage)

When we are 3-bet (squeezing) where there is an open raise and caller, our sizing should be be based upon the guidelines above and then bumped up to include the callers portion of the pot. So it would be closer to a 4x raise. But remember the goal of your 3-bet. If you're squeezing, size it larger. If you're 3-betting for value and want calls, you should consider 3-betting smaller if your opponents are folding to a lot of 3-bets. All-in-all, 3-betting is a complex portion of NLHE...hope this helps tho!