HUD stats Review  


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December 29, 2017 12:42 pm  

I posted some HUD stats on RegiTime Microstakes page. I would have posted them here but am not sure how to do that. I would appreciate any feedback on the posts on Facebook. Specifically, How do I interpret the SD vs NSD vs EV graph? I also posted a screenshot of my DriveHud. Any feedback on how to improve my game would be appreciated.

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January 1, 2018 6:08 am  

I decided to input stats manually as this link just takes you to RegiTime Microstakes Facebook Page. Once again, any help with analysis would be appreciated. 

Total Hands 9997

Total Won $22.89

BB/100 4.58

EV BB/100 (0.41)

VPIP% 22.4

PFR% 14.5

3-Bet% 3.8

3-Bet Call% 39.2

WTSD% 26.90

W$SD 55.6

Agg% 55.6

AF 1.9

$EV Diff ($24.93) 

W$WSF 39.70

C-Bet % 72.5

Steal % 24.7

Blinds Re-Raise Steal % 5.3

Blinds Fold to Steal % 73.3

4-Bet Range 1.8

UO-PFR EP% 20.6

UO_PFR MP% 16.9

Uo-PFR CO% 20.9

UO-PFR BTN% 22.8

UO PFR SB% 21.2

Money Won/Lost

SB 1901 Hands ($0.42)

BB 1930 Hands ($32.97)

EP 715 Hands $19.14

MP 1420 Hands ($7.33)

CO 1784 Hands $18.13

BTN 2238 Hands $27.42

I have detailed stats in each position as well. If I need to add in more let me know. Thanks in advance!