Instructions & Guidelines: How to Post a Hand History Review (Video)  


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May 5, 2016 5:39 am  

Below are guidelines and instructions for posting a hand history to our forum. Please read the guidelines and watch the video first before asking questions to the admin and moderators.


Title Name

"Site Name" "Stakes" - Hand Details.
Example: Bovada 5nl - JJ Facing 4-Bet Pre-Flop

Topic Description

Quick description of advice you are seeking.
Example: I am seeking advice on how to proceed with this hand pre-flop.

Topic Details

Provide as much details as possible about the hand. Provide details on how your opponents' were playing (reads, tells, HUD stats, etc).

Do not include the hand results if it went to show down and you want unbiased feedback.

Video Tutorial: How to Post a Hand History to Our Forum