Fold KK on Ace high flop  


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May 18, 2017 9:29 pm  

As Unibet does not allow exporting hands, and it is impossible to copy/paste from the hand history I used printscreen + OCR...

Initial raiser is a TAG that is aware of his position.
Re-raise is a bit less then 3x as I have position.


Game #510800296: Table N L4 - 0.02/0.04 - No Limit Hold'Em - 11:36:15 2017/05/19
Seated players
Seat 1: JEFFROGERS (€5.14)
Seat 2: Hero (€4.04)
Seat 3: ComeHereFish (€2.14)
Seat 4: 6sdf4a65df4a (€4.24)
Seat 5: DonnieDarkol (€4.36)
Seat 6: target1000 (€3.76)
*** Blinds and button ***
ComeHereFish has the button
6sdf4a65df4a posts small blind, €0.02
DonnieDarkol posts big blind, €0.04
*** Hole cards ***
Dealt in 6sdf4a65df4a
Dealt to DonnieDarkol
Dealt to target1000 
Dealt to Hero [Kd Ks]
Dealt in ComeHereFish
*** Preflop ***
target1000 raises €0.12 to €0.12
Hero raises €0.32 to €0.32
ComeHereFish folds
6sdf4a65df4a folds
DonnieDarkol calls €0.28
target1000 calls €0.20
*** Flop ***
[Ah 6h Tc]
DonnieDarkol checks
target1000 checks
Hero checks
*** Turn ***
[Ah 6h Tc] [9h]
DonnieDarkol checks
target1000 bets €0.28
Hero folds
DonnieDarkol calls €0.28
*** River ***
[Ah 6h Tc] [9h] [8h]
DonnieDarkol checks
target1000 bets €0.04
DonnieDarkol calls €0.04


Reason I checked the flop is because it was 3 ways...
Heads up I probably would have C-bet.
Let me know what you think.
I'll post the outcome of the hand later on.

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May 20, 2017 12:59 pm  

Checking back the flop in a 3-bet pot heads up or 3-ways with KK on an A-high flop is pretty standard for a couple of reasons (1) you get worse to fold (under pairs) and better to call (Ax), so you can't bet for value and (2) you can induce bets with worse hands sometimes on the turn.

I would call turn for a couple of reasons (1) villain's sizing is really small and you could have the best hand. Kh is betting turn, sometimes QQ and JJ.

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May 20, 2017 4:46 pm  

*** showdown ***

DonnieDarkol shows [QsQc] a pair of Queens
target1000 shows [AcQd] a pair of Aces and wins


So fold was correct in this case, but I could indeed call the small bet next time