JJ out of position  


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May 18, 2017 9:52 pm  

I cold call UTG raise with JJ.
No notes on the player.
When the K comes on the river and he bets, I decide to call as it is to nitty to fold for only 1 overcard.
Same on the river.
Showdown will be posted later.

Game #510806156: Table NL4 - 0.02/0.04 - No Limit Hold'Em - 11:55:16 2017/05/19
*** Seated players***
Seat 2: Hero (€4.04)
Seat 3: master_card (€3.55)
Seat 4: 72norocos (€2.59)
Seat 5: Vesuvius_Ita (€4.72)

*** Blinds and button***
72norocos has the button
Vesuvius_Ita posts small blind, €0.02
Hero posts big blind, €0.04

*** Hole cards ***
Dealt in Vesuvius_Ita
Dealt to Hero [JsJh]
Dealt in master_card
Dealt in 72norocos

*** Preflop ***
master_card raises €0.12 to €0.12
72norocos folds
Vesuvius_Ita folds
Hero calls €0.08

*** Flop ***
[2h 4h Kc]
Hero checks
master_card bets €0.13
Hero calls €0.13

*** Turn ***
[2h 4h Kc] [9d]
Hero checks
master_card bets €0.26
Hero calls €0.26

*** River ***
[2h 4h Kc] [9d] [Ad]
Hero checks
master_card checks 

Alton - MicroGrinder Poker
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May 20, 2017 1:08 pm  

When you're determining if you should call or not, base your call based upon (1) your opponent's percieved UTG open-raising range, (2) post-flop c-betting range and (3) your pot odds. It looks like he is betting 1/2 pot on both streets so you don't need that much equity to call; however, also consider the difference between a single and double barrel and what that means. Overall, I think your hand was played fine if villain isn't too nitty. If he is, his UTG open-raising range will be heavily weighted with Kx hands.

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May 20, 2017 4:35 pm  

*** showdown ***

Hero shows a pair of Jacks [JsJh]
master_card shows a pair of Kings [QhKs] and wins


Thanks for the feedback Alton. Yes I need to think more on players opening ranges...
Problem with Unibet is that I cannot take notes on players in the client.
Not a lot of nitty players at 4NL...