Full house vs quads  


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May 31, 2017 8:04 pm  

I get pocket deuces in the small blind. 
CO open raises to 3bb, the BTN calls and I call behind from the SB as both players are deep and aggressive (so good implied odds)
When I hit my set on the flop I check, because I am quite sure the initial raiser will continue. 
He does bet, BTN folds and I call. Don't know why I didn't raise...
I hit my full house on the turn and check, hoping he continues with trips. He checks behind.
I value bet on the river, villain goes all in and I make the call.

Any thoughts?


Game #517641851: Table NL4 - 0.02/0.04 - No Limit Hold'Em - 11:12:51 2017/06/01

***Seated players ***
Seat 1: shotmoney (€3.98)
Seat 2: Hero (€4.47)
Seat 3: ShootLimit (€4.17)
Seat 4: Sk1 LLvsluck (€2) 
Seat 5: FishMode (€4) (sitting out)
Seat 6: RiggedSite (€5.49)

*** Blinds and button ***
shotmoney has the button
Hero posts small blind, €0.02
ShootLimit posts big blind, €0.04

*** Hole cards*"
Dealt to Hero [2h 2s]
Dealt in ShootLimit
Dealt in Sk1 LLvsluck
Dealt in RiggedSite
Dealt in shotmoney

*** Preflop***
Sk1 LLvsluck folds
RiggedSite raises €0.12 to €0.12
shotmoney calls €0.12
Hero calls €0.10
ShootLimit folds

*** Flop *** [5h 2c Jc]
Hero checks
RiggedSite bets €0.30
shotmoney folds
Ajoin7 calls €0.30

*** Tum ***

[5h 2c Jc] [Js]
Hero checks
RiggedSite checks

*** River***
[5h 2c Jc] [Js] [5d]
Hero bets €1
RiggedSite raises €5.07 to €5.07, and is all-in
Hero calls €3.05, and is all-in
Uncalled bet returned to RiggedSite: €1.02

***Showdown ***
Hero [2h 2s], Full house
RiggedSite shows [Jh Jd], Four of a kind, Jacks RiggedSite wins €9.01 

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June 1, 2017 5:06 am  

Interesting hand. Leading, check-raising or check-calling flop are fine. In general, the wetter the flop and the more players there are in a hand, the more inclined you should be to raise or lead out if you're first to act. In this particular situation, where you don't block and Jx hands, I don't mind leading here in a 3-way hand. As played, I'd be inclined to check-raise if the other player called, but since he folded, flatting is fine.

As played, you have to check turn to take a check-call or check-raise line. So checking is fine.

The river is the worst river in the world for you. You don't beat Jacks-Full or Fives-Full. Your hand is nothing but a pure bluff catcher at this point. So I would check-call a very small bet and check-fold to anything significantly large.

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June 1, 2017 8:11 pm  

Ok Alton, thanks for the clear reply.
If I got it well, I played fine until the river and I am fine with that.
I am not at the level of thinking about bluff catchers etc.

I know my C game is post flop at the moment, so I am focusing on that (more in my blog later...)

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June 2, 2017 9:23 am  

You're welcome. Reading ranges and improving your post-flop game will come with time and continued practice. 🙂