Pocket 77 - correct preflop fold?  


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June 1, 2017 9:25 pm  

I have pocket 77's in the SB and no notes on any of the players as I just sat down.
MP raises 3BB - at this point I think about calling as according the 15-to-1 rule would be ok (10*15=1.5 and villain has 2€).
BTN raises to 0.42 - if he had just called it would have made my decision even easier (altough I am out of position).
But 0.40€*15=6€ ,so not completely what I need + I am out of position and don't know how if he will continue post flop.

Therefore I fold.

I this a correct play?


Game #518149723: Table NL4 - 0.02/0.04 - No Limit Hold'Em - 08:39:09 2017/06/02

*** Seated players***
Seat 1: fghjtrstjhrs (€4.98)
Seat 2: kuawadwaad (€4.72)
Seat 3: Morgenfurz (€2.08)
Seat 4: Croco777 (€3.48)
Seat 5: Roger80 (€5.73)
Seat 6: Hero (€4.02)

*** Blinds and button ***

Roger80 has the button
Hero posts small blind, €0.02
fghjtrstjhrs posts big blind, €0.04

*** Hole cards***
Dealt to Hero [7d 7s]
Dealt in fghjtrstjhrs
Dealt in kuawadwaad
Dealt in Morgenfurz
Dealt in Croco777
Dealt in Roger80

*** Preflop ***
kuawadwaad folds
Morgenfurz raises €0.12 to €0.12
Croco777 folds
Roger80 raises €0.42 to €0.42
Hero folds
fghjtrstjhrs folds
Morgenfurz folds
Roger80 wins €0.60 

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June 2, 2017 9:26 am  

Yup, exactly. Calling is -EV in the long-run here since you're not getting the implied odds to call for the 15 to 1 rule for set-mining. Good fold here with 77.

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June 2, 2017 2:31 pm  

Ok, thanks.
I was able to go through the tought process while  playing, so I am getting there 🙂