Did I fold to soon?  


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June 2, 2017 4:19 pm  

It folds around to me in the SB with JhKc and I open 3 bb
BB calls. (Villain had folded to all my previous raises from the SB and seems a decent player)
Flop comes [Ah Qc Ks] and as I have Middle pair and a straight draw I decide to bet for value.
BB reraises me big (pot size) and I fold...

If he has an ace I have 7 outs (4 Tens, 2 Kings & 3 Jacks) => not enough equity.
Good fold or was I bluffed of the hand to soon?


Game #518676946: Table NL4- 0.02/0.04 - No Limit HoldEm • 07:15:05 2017/06/03

*** Seated players ***
Seat 1: bamse8 (€1.82)
Seat 2: lucy3 (€4)
Seat 3: Hero (€3.97)
Seat 4: 10072012 (€6.04)
Seat 5: fgheeet (€4.12)

*** Blinds and button ***
lucy3 has the button
Hero posts small blind, €0.02
10072012 posts big Sind, €0.04

*** Hole cards ***
Dealt to Hero [JhKc]
Dealt in 10072012
Dealt in fgheeet
Dealt in bamse8
Dealt in lucy3

*** Preflop ***
fgheeet folds
bamse8 folds
lucy3 folds
Hero raises €0.10 to €0.12
10072012 calls €0.06

*** Flop *** [Ah Qc Ks]
Hero bets €0.12
10072012 raises €0.36 to €0.36
Hero folds
Uncalled bet returned to 10072012: €024
10072012 wins €0.47 

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June 4, 2017 5:16 am  

Its hard to say if folding or calling here in a bind versus blind scenario is correct or not without more information on your opponent. Is the BB an aggressive opponent at the table? Have you seen him (semi) bluff raise? How has he been defending his blind versus CO and BTN steal attempts? How big of a sample size of hands do you have on him? These are the type of questions you want to think about.

If he is capable of semi-bluff-raising, then he could have lots of pair+combo draws to the nut straight just like you. If not, he could be value+protection raising top pair. Or he could be raising 2 pair or better hands here. So it really depends to be honest.

Against certain players, this is a good disciplined fold, but against others its really way to tight and we should be calling and seeing the turn with middle pair + the nut straight draw in a blind versus blind situation.

Also...think about implied odds as well, not just pot odds in these situations.