Correct bet sizing?  


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June 16, 2017 7:25 pm  

4NL game and I am on the SB with AKo.
The BB is a very loose player - plays almost every single hand and has a major stack (+400bb).
It folds to me and I raise - BB calls.
Then I bet each street and he keeps calling.

My question: was my bet sizing ok here? (flop, turn & river)
I know that preflop I could have made it 4bb or more (which I started doing later on in the session)


Game #526392949: Table NL4 - 0.02/0.04 - No Limit Hold'Em - 04:59:01 2017/06/17

*** Seated players***
Seat 1: EimantasKK (€3.80)
Seat 3: peterson39 (€2.69)
Seat 4: Hero (€4)
Seat 5: H4RRYBOY (€16.68)
Seat 6: gterds (€1.96)

***Blinds and button ***
peterson39 has the button
Hero posts small blind, €0.02
H4RRYBOY posts big blind, €0.04

*** Hole cards ***
Dealt to Hero [Ad Kh]
Dealt in H4RRYBOY
Dealt in gterds
Dealt in EimantasKK
Dealt in peterson39

***Preflop ***
gterds folds
EimantasKK folds
peterson39 folds
Hero raises €0.14 to €0.16
H4RRYBOY calls €0.12

Pot size = €0.32

*** Flop ***
[7h As 7d]
Hero bets €0.20
H4RRYBOY calls €0.20

Pot size = €0.72

***Turn ***
[7h As 7d] [9c]
Hero bets €0.54
H4RRYBOY calls €0.54

Pot size = €1.8

*** River ***
[7h As 7d] [9c] [4c]
Hero bets €1.80
H4RRYBOY calls €1.80

*** Showdown ***
Hero shows [Ad Kh], Two pairs, Aces and Sevens with a King kicker
H4RRYBOY shows [6h Ac], Two pairs, Aces and Sevens with a Nine kicker

Hero wins €5.35

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June 18, 2017 11:31 am  

Anywhere from 2/3 to 3/4 pot-sized bet is fine. Pay attention to how he has played in the session in hands you weren't in. It appears he's a bit of a calling station when he calls the pot-sized bet on the river. Against an unknown, we want to bet an amount we know he can call, so I'd advise against a pot-sized bet and just stick with your standard 2/3 to 3/4 size bet.

When playing, always seek to put your opponent on a calling range from pre-flop all the way to the river on each individual street of betting. Put your opponent on both draws and made hands and evaluate what you should do - in this case, the best way to extract value. 

If he is a calling station, in future hands, just bet pot, pot, pot all streets against him. 🙂