Unibet 4NL - Play Aces more agressive?  


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September 12, 2017 9:25 pm  

4NL game and I get pocket Aces on the BTN. As there is already one limper I make it 4bb.
SB & BB make the call, while the initial limper folds.

The flop comes pretty connected and the BB makes a donk bet. Villain is a competent TAG player who waits for the correct spots.
I decide on a flat call as I put him on two pair, sets...that kind of hands and I want to see the turn card and see what happens.
SB calls behind.

On the turn the SB donk bets and the BB reraises. 
As I am up against 2 players with just one pair, i fold.
Should I have played more aggro on the flop? Or is the play correct?

Game #573746120: Table NL4 - 0.02/0.04 - No Limit Hold'Em - 11:27:23 2017/09/13

***Seated players *** 
Seat 1: AAAAhh (€5.29)
Seat 2: marcojj (€1.24)
Seat 3: beont (€3.94)
Seat 4: Hero (€4)
Seat 5: JackMilli (€2.85)
Seat 6: HiHi15 (€21.29)

*** Blinds and button ***
Hero has the button
JackMilli posts small blind, €0.02
HiHil 5 posts big blind, €0.04

*** Hole cards ***
Dealt in JackMilli
Dealt in HiHi15  
Dealt in AAAAhh
Dealt in marcojj
Dealt in beont
Dealt to Hero [As Ad]

*** Preflop ***
AAAAhh folds
marcojj calls €0.04
beont folds
Hero raises €0.16 to €0.16
JackMilli calls €0.14
HiHi15 calls €0.12
marcojj folds

Pot size: €0.52

*** Flop *** [5s 4h 2s]
JackMilli checks
HiHil 5 bets €0.39
Hero calls €0.39
JackMilli calls €0.39

Pöt size: €1.69

***Tum *** [5s 4h 2s] [6c]
JackMilli bets €0.30
HiHil 5 raises €1.44 to €1.44
Hero folds
JackMilli calls €1.14

*** River *** [5s 4h 2s] [6c] [Ks]
JackMilli bets €0.36
HiHil 5 calls €036

*** Showdown ***
JackMilli shows [6s 85], A Flush
HiHil 5 shows [8c 7c], A Straight . .

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September 13, 2017 12:01 am  

I think you play and reads were good, and you just ran into it. i had the same thing happen last night but i lost my stack. The one question i have is how loose was the table? If they were making a lot of preflop calls with multiple people then i would have raised the bet size. But look at it from the BB seat, would you have called with his hand? I know i would have after the SB called. The SB should not have called in my opinion. The flop play was correct. You had an over pair and backdoor flush and in position good time to take a card and see if you improve. I don't think you could have had them fold to a reraise. I think your playing good it just happens, and adjust your bet up if its full of calling stations to make their bad calls pay.

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September 13, 2017 1:00 am  

The table was pretty tight and there was not that much action going on.
Especially the BB was a competent player and I hadn't seen him donk bet at all - that's when the alarm bells started to go off 🙂

Indeed a good thing that I didn't lose my entire stack with a premium hand. That's something I've learned the hard way...

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September 14, 2017 1:45 am  

Pre-flop, 4bb iso-raise is fine, but you can look to exploitatively bump it up with your value iso-raises if people aren't folding to standard iso-raise sizing. Your goal is to try to play heads + extract more value with AA pre. 

On the flop, you should be raising the donk bet on such a wet board texture. Think about villain's entire range. Yes, he'll lead with made hands but also with draws. He can easily have sets, but two pair are much harder to have unless he calls with 54 (42 and 52 aren't in a competent opponent's pre-flop calling range). He can also have flush draws and a lot of pair + straight draws or even a flush + straight draw. He could even have an over pair such as 66-99 that he's protection betting and doesn't 3-bet pre-flop. You also block the nut flush draw and if a spade hits the turn, you have a draw to the nut flush. Raising the flop extracts more value and you also deny the realization of villain's equity. When you just call, you let him set his own price and also give up the initiative in the hand. While calling would be okay on certain board textures and instances, I think its an easy raise in this situation given the amount of worse hands he's donk betting and continuing against a raise from you.

As played, turn is definitely an easy fold.