Unibet 4NL - Incorrect reraise?  


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September 19, 2017 2:52 am  

4NL game with lots of min raises, cheap flops etc.
Villain on the SB min raises to 2BB and I wake up with pocket Kings in the BB. 
On previous occasions where I have made a 3 bet, he always folded. Therefore I decide to 3 bet, but not as large as before (0.28 instead of 0.36).
Villain calls and we flop a set.

Villain checks and I make a very small C-bet as I don't want to scare him away. So value betting, but not too much to keep him in the pot.
The turn is a Jack and pairs the board, so I have a full house. 
I am happy to see that villain bets first, so I think he has a Jx hand that he will not fold and I make a small reraise to build the pot.

Villain folds 🙁

Should I just have flat called his bet on the turn? And then see what he does on the river?

Game #576668520: Table NL4 - 0.02/0.04 - No Limit Hold'Em - 13:54:03 2017/09/18

***Seated players ***
Seat 1: rambo221 (€6.07)
Seat 2: Hero (€5.22)
Seat 3: safarico (€6.65)
Seat 4: NickDiazz (€4)
Seat 5: czaczagit (€4.30)
Seat 6: Fishermen877 (€3.83)

*** Blinds and button ***
Fishermen877 has the button
rambo221 posts small blind, €0.02
Hero posts big blind, €0.04

*** Hole cards ***
Dealt in rambo221
Dealt to Hero[Ks Kc]
Dealt in safarico
Dealt in NickDiazz
Dealt in czaczagit
Dealt in Fishermen877

*** Preflop ***
safarico folds
NickDiazz folds
czaczagit folds
Fishermen877 folds
rambo221 raises €0.06 to €0.08
Hero raises €0.24 to €0.28
rambo221 calls €0.20

[Pot size: €0.56]

*** Flop *** [3c Kh Jd]
rambo221 checks
Hero bets €0.20
rambo221 calls €0.20

[Pot size: €0.96]

***Turn *** [3c Kh Jd] [Jh]
rambo221 bets €0.48
Hero raises €1 to €1
folds Uncalled bet returned to Hero: €0.52

Hero wins €1.90 

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September 19, 2017 10:09 am  

Pre-flop, your $0.28 bet sizing is 3.5x, which is what it should be out of position. If you're 3-betting to $0.36 regularly, its way too large. Recommend doing a bit more work on 3-bet sizing cause I don't want you to lose value by 3-betting way too large (remember our goal is to get called by worse hands and if we bet too large, people fold and we gain no value from 3-betting).

Post-flop. You can bet or check the flop. I would personally lean towards checking because its difficult for villain to have AK (only 4 combos left). So when we c-bet most Jx hands fold and maybe AQ calls for the gutter straight draw.

On the turn when you make the nuts, raising is not ideal. Think about it in terms of getting value. If villain is bluffing, he'll fold to a raise. If he has Kx, he'll often fold as well. If we tank and then call he might think we have Kx and potentially be inclined to bluff the river. If he does have Jx, the money is going in on the river anyways and you can ensure it does since you have positional advantage. So raising folds out bluffs, but calling keeps bluffs in, sometimes induces river bluffs and if not, you have the ability to bet the river.

Hope this helps.

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September 19, 2017 3:19 pm  

Hi Alton,

Thanks a lot. It sure helps.
As you know I am currently focussing on preflop and therefore most of my questions concern post flop plays.

Happy to see that my adjusted 3bet sizing is fine!