Unibet 4NL - should I have checked back the flop?  


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November 20, 2017 4:09 pm  

One of my first hands of the session and the table seems pretty tight.
I open from the BTN with KdTh and the SB calls.
The flop comes 7c Ah 8c
The SB checks and I put out a C-bet. SB raises me bigtime...
Should I have checked back?

Later on in the session I learn that villain is super aggro, but as said this was one of my first hands at the table.

Game #613985564: Table €4 NL - 0.02/0.04- No Limit Hold'Em - 14:25:51 2017/11/20
***Seated players ***
Seat 1: kalibozor98 (€4)
Seat 2: Wilbuuri (€0.98)
Seat 3: jvmaria1948 (€4) (sitting out)
Seat 4: Hero (€3.98) Seat 5:
Celph (€4.02)
Seat 6: Relentles (€5.09)

*** Blinds and button***
Hero has the button
Celph posts small blind, €0.02
Relentles posts big blind, €0.04

*** Hole cards***
Dealt in Celph
Dealt in Relentles
Dealt in kalibozor98
Dealt in Wilbuuri
Hero to WV7 [Th Kd]

*** Preflop***
kalibozor98 folds
Wilbuuri folds
Hero raises €0 12 to €0.12
Celph calls €0.10
Relentles folds

*** Flop ***
[7c Ah 8c]
Celph checks
Hero bets €0.14
Celph raises €0.46 to €0.46
Hero folds
Uncalled bet returned to Celph:
€0.32 Celph wins €0.55

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November 24, 2017 1:36 pm  

Depends on your opponent and his tendencies. Not really a question that can be answered unless we know exactly how SB plays and your previous history with him.