Unibet 4NL - continue to barrel?  


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November 20, 2017 4:35 pm  

The CO limps in and I open to 5bb in the SB with Ac Jc. The BB folds and the initial limper makes the call. Even though he limped in I have him marked as a decent player.
The flop comes Kd 9d 5s, and I put out a C-bet. The board is pretty dry and I can represent the King. With my Ace and Jack I have plently of cards that can help on the turn or river. Villain makes the call.
The turn is the Ts. I check...

I am pretty sure I should have fired a second barrel here as I pick up a gut shot. Correct? 
If so, how much should I bet?

Game #613996025: Table €4 NL - 0.02/0.04- No Limit Hold'Em - 14:47:54 2017/11/20
***Seated players ***
Seat 1: Gimbo4 (€2.59)
Seat 2: lolitagirl (€4.99)
Seat 3: KissMeLol (€1.82)
Seat 4: Hero (€7.01)
Seat 5: sisc077 (€4)
Seat 6: latis (€4)

*** Blinds and button **
KissMeLol has the button
Hero posts small blind, €0.02
sisc077 posts big blind, €0.04

*** Hole cards***
Dealt to Hero [Ac Jc]
Dealt in sisc077
Dealt in latis
Dealt in Gimbo4
Dealt in lolitagirl
Dealt in KissMeLol

*** Preflop***
latis folds
Gimbo4 folds
lolitagirl calls €0.04
KissMeLol folds
Hero raises €0 18 to €0.20
sisc077 folds
lolitagirl calls €0.16

[pot size: 0.44€]

*** Flop *** [Kd 9d 5s]
Hero bets €0.22
lolitagirl calls €0.22

[pot size: 0.88€]

***Tum *** [Kd 9d 5s] [Ts]
Hero checks
lolitagirl bets €0.34
Hero folds
Uncalled bet returned to lolitagirl: €0.34
lolitagirl wins €0.87

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November 24, 2017 1:40 pm  

C-betting the flop or not depends on if your opponent is weak-tight or weak-loose. The different is this flop hits a weak-tight limpers limp/calling range a lot harder than a weak-loose limper.

When he calls your c-bet (if he is weak-tight) he'll have a decent amount of top pair combos in his range. If he's a weak-loose calling station, he'll be calling with a lot of weaker pairs.

Betting the turn depends on fold equity. Ask yourself if a weak-tight limper will fold top pair to 2 streets or c-bets or if a weak-loose player will fold weaker pairs in the same situation. If you think the answer is unlikely, then check since you don't have much equity to improve. If you think the answer is yes, then fire a second barrel on the turn.