BTN vs SB , 3bet pot, a lot of pressure for top pair.  


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July 1, 2016 10:57 am  

Villian was pretty sticky, calling with middle pairs.
Playing with a lot of back door equity, sometimes trowing donk river bets with
weak pairs. KTo he's calling range in late positions.

Tell me what you think of my line here, Was it a good call on the turn,
should I bet the river? If so, how much?


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Hero(BTN): $7,19 on the BTN
Villian(SB): $7,34 on the SB

Hero has: Kh,Qs

Pre flop: fold to the BTN;raise $0,15. SB; 3bet $0,45 , Hero Calls $0,30

Flop: (2 players, pot: $0,95) 4s,Qc,7s
Villian donk bets $0,45 , Hero Calls $0,45

Turn: (pot: $1,85) 10h
Villian Bets: $0,88, Hero Calls $0,88

River: (pot: $3.61) 4c
Villian checks, Hero?

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July 1, 2016 3:50 pm  

I guess the biggest question is, how often is villain defending his blinds with 3bets? If he is 3betting a lot your defend with KQo is pretty standard here. In general I see a lot of aggro blind defense on WPN with 3bets.

So if we assume villain is 3betting really light and c-betting a lot then your defense and flop and turn calls are pretty standard here.

On the river, I doubt villain has much of a hand and was 3-bet bluffing, c-betting light two streets and giving up on the turn. If we assume he has polarized range of air + made hands, we might get some value from a crying call from hands such as JJ, AT, KT and JT.

If he has AA, KK, or AQ I would expect 3 barrels. So its hard for you to get value here...but you can throw out a small amount for a crying call, say approximately 1/3 pot.