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August 9, 2017 6:57 pm  


Just a quick introduction.

My name is Kevin and i'm from The Netherlands. 31 years old and i work in the IT.

I have been playing poker for so long as i can remember but with huge breaks in between. Started with STT then moved to SNG's (45 mans turbo mainly) and MTT's. Most successfull was SNG's but never had a huge cashout though. (worked my BR from 50 to 170 and then stopped playing because i got addicted to other games).

I want to specialize in 6max Cash games and when i have a good understanding and worked my way up to some higher limits mix in some MTT's for the thrill. (reaching a final table feels so insane!)

Always been a bit of a nit player, afraid to call or 3 bet in fear of losing a huge pot so i rather take the (way too) safe path and i need to change that.

Found the course on Udemy when it was on a discount and immediately bought all the content on there. Why ? Because i like the easy to follow style of Alton his teaching. Already followed a few courses from other teachers but they go way to fast for me. 

Unfortunately i cannot really play allot, if i play 500 hands a week that would be allot for me and that kinda sucks but thats the way it is. Will try to find more time after work (and gf time). 

So whats next? In the next few days im going to write a blog and put my homework/goals/things i need to work on in there and hopefully find some people that are also following the course and would like to start a MicroGrinder skype group so we can work toward our goals together! 🙂