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October 9, 2017 5:43 am  

Hi all,

I am Lorenzo, (Akerul on tables) new to this forum. I have been looking around all the sections of the forum and I have to say it's really great and I think I will improve a lot.

A few words of my poker background:

I started studying poker 4 months ago, getting in touch with it while writing my master thesis on quantitative trading, since there are many analogies between them. So, I started reading some books, and enrolled in the Crush Micro stakes.. course by Alton, after that I decided to improve my math skills with his book.

During the end of the course I opened an account with Titanbet but after a month I decided to open another account with PokerStars only because here in Italy is the only platform that supports PokerTracker (or HM). I tried making it work with other platforms but apparently I couldn't.

During the summer I studied other 2 great poker books, Mental Game of Poker by Jared Tendler and The Grinder's Manual  by Peter Clarke. Now I am here enrolled in Building a Bankroll and Crushing Microstakes by Alton and I am also a member of DeucesCraked.

I feel like I incredibly improved my knowledge and my game and I am now playing on PokerStars 5 and 10NL. I think I would be a good player (good theory knowledge, unconscious knowledge of the hands to open pre-flop or the range to cold-call from different positions vs UTG,MP and so on..., understand where I can bluff and where I can't) if it wasn't for my terrible mental leaks that made me be the very worst fish ever.

Alton talks about small mistakes vs big mistakes, I do enormous mistakes, I can literally burn three hours of A-game in one hand. My equity line can suddenly point down in a way that in comparison stock market equity line in October 1929 can be considered flat 😀 My biggest leak is do not trust others and call big bets or go all in even though I know I shouldn't, I can't help it. I am working on it and learning a lot from regs. By the way, sometimes I play on iPoker and I can make profits there while at first I was loosing there as weel, so I really think I improved.

I would like to be able to beat 50NL before 30 and to reach a level such that I could lose my job and do not despair.

In a shorter period of time I would like to master range reading and learn how to properly calculate my EV against ranges and stop giving away money just to be sure others aren't bluffing me.


Good luck to everybody,

Alton - MicroGrinder Poker
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October 12, 2017 8:29 am  

Welcome to the "fairly quiet" forum! I was hoping others would welcome you, but I'll be the first. Glad to hear you're working on your mental game and have studied Jared Tendler's book too.

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October 13, 2017 6:46 am  

Hi Alton,

no problem I understand 🙂 The fact is that lessons are always super clear to me (and I guess to others as well) so this may limit the amount of question and topics 🙂

Btw in the next days I'll try to look and find out how study groups work and really hope the community will grow bigger and bigger, just need time as all the poker stuff (good things take time, always love this teaching)

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October 15, 2017 10:49 pm  

Hi Lorenzo

A few of us on here have a study group. We use Skype to chat and broadcast our games and get live feed back. We have a couple of members in Europe and North America. We play from 2nl upto 30nl games. If your ever interested let me know.