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December 5, 2017 11:52 pm  


My name is Cormac, I'm 33 & I am from Ireland. I played a lot of poker in my early 20's, then I stopped, & I've just got back playing in the past year. I play on a free website called www.replaypoker.com . I prefer playing tournaments mostly. Looking through the statistics over the tournaments I've played in 2017, I've placed in 20% of the tournaments I've played, & I've gotten into the top 10 places in 10% of the tournaments. I really feel I can improve on this as variance, tilt & bankroll management has effected me a lot in the past. But I'm trying to look at the bigger picture, & I'm really looking forward to working through Alton's free course initially, & then going from there.  

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Welcome to the forum. Hope you're enjoying the free courses!