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Dan W
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May 13, 2016 3:03 am  

Hey alll,

Im Plagueclaw/Dan, Im from the UK and I've played poker "seriously" for about a week now. Ive dabbled before and know how to play the game, but now im getting my head down to actually learn some stratergy.

I plan on learning 6 max first, £1/$2 NL, but would like in the end to try some mtts. Short term plan is to grind and study cash games like mad, and I've already gotten a few courses on here that I think will help. Ive deposited £30 on skypoker and have run up my $20 pokerstars depost to $30. (Ill report back on how my bankroll looks after another week or so).

Looking forwards to learning a lot here, and meeting a bunch of poker people!

Alton - MicroGrinder Poker
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May 13, 2016 5:10 am  

Hi Dan, welcome to the school and forum! Glad to have you here starting off your serious poker journey.

I'd recommend you start a blog or poker goals / challenges thread in the My Poker Journey section of the forum so we can all track your progress. 🙂

Nice to hear you're starting off good building your bankroll. Look forward to reading future posts!

btw - the forum and poker school is brand new, so hopefully we get some traction going with it soon and lots more people joining and posting here.