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October 11, 2017 3:54 am  

So i haven't been very active in the last 2 week because i have been all over the place. I have been looking thru trying to figure out why i have have been in this range for the last 7k+ hands. So i took a look at my session stats and winning and loosing hands. What i figured out is i have been loosing when i have been taking my shots at 50NL. I reviewed my notes and realized the amount of hyper aggressive players and smart players were pegging me as a NIT and kept on 3 betting me pre and post flop. I became very predictable to bluff off hands. I saw i was no longer value betting for fear of the re-raise. This caused me to over play hands and chase hands with out odds and fold hands as soon as a scary card hit. The interesting stat about this is i use to only play full-ring, i just switched to 6 max a few weeks ago. In full-ring i am a good winner, not in 6 max.

Then i looked at my 20NL stats. When i switched to 6-max the 4,000 hands i played i lost 5 buy-ins. I then looked at those hands and saw i had some bad suck outs and should be around even. But the biggest concern i saw i was loosing 20-50bb in the first 5-10 hands every time. I was just acting like a bully for no reason. I was trying to win no matter what. After i calmed down after 15-20 minutes i went back to my A game. I would grind back to a small loss or a win. I see i could be profitable if i walk in an calm down and play my A game. To help me calm down i have shifted back to Full-ring for a while.

I think Full-ring will help to build the bankroll up. I want to break the $800 mark and i think i will get that monkey off my back i have been looking at for a long time. I think this has caused me to tilt and get aggressive to make it back. 

So i switched to Full-ring on Monday and i can see/feel the difference. I am up 3.5 Buy-ins already, due to remaining calm even after losses. This table to day had 3 hyper aggressive rec's. I lost AA to a back door 23 flush for a stack. Instead of tilting i knew their was money to be made. I had position on them and keep limping in with them. After i bet i hit trips and doubled up to $40. Then 45 minutes later flopped 2 pair and shoved and got called with A high and ended up at $75. After some suck outs and spewing chips i left up 2 buy-ins.

So its back to watching and finishing Crushing micro stakes video course, and working on playing my A game.

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October 12, 2017 8:30 am  

Glad to see you've identified that you're playing like a bully early in seasons and fixed that. Also glad to see Full Ring games are working out well for you too!