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Kicking Off the MicroGrinder Poker Blog

Hey Everybody - figured I should be the first to kick off our new poker school's blog with my very own blog.

To be 100% honest, I'm not really sure exactly what I'll be blogging here but you can be certain it will be a mixture of poker, life, entrepreneurship, and health and and fitness topics.

A bit About Me

Since this site is newly re-designed and most of you probably don't know too much about me, here is a bit of my poker background. I started playing live in the Moneymaker era, mainly $2-$4 to $4-$8 limit holdem cash games with some $1-$2 NLHE games as an undergraduate. I did pretty good with poker helping pay for the expenses while in school...but I never moved up in stakes because what I made at the poker tables was used to buy meals, etc every week.

After college, while working full-time I played primarily $5 to $20 9-man SnGs on Stars & FullTilt for a couple of months, doing really well...but the grind was too much for me being a recent college grad, so I stopped playing as I started to prepare for grad school.

I took a LONG multi-year hiatus from poker while in grad school and then finally returned in 2014, playing micro stakes for fun and as a challenge. In fact, I rarely, if ever play live anymore since the closest card room is a 30 minute drive.

I'm a Fisherman

I love to fish for whales on Bovada and really enjoy their soft 5nl and 10nl games there, which is where I play. I have an account on ACR, but rarely play there because there is always a waiting list and the regs are super nitty...even at 5nl.

My Lifetime Bovada Results

Overall, I've done quite well on Bovada with around $1.1k in winnings on 5nl & 10nl (regular 6-max and Zone combined) would be higher but I went on a brutal 19 buy-in primarily on Zone where I ran around 19 buy-ins below all-in EV which totally crushed my Zone win rates. But I'm happy with my long-term regular 6-max win rates. laugh



2016 is Going Well...Minus the Small Volume

While I've only logged aound 11k hands, my win rate for the year is 26BB/100. Yes, 11k hands is horrendous, but its hard to find time to play when you're running a poker business...but hopefully this blog will remind me to play.


2016 Goals & Expectations

I have lots of goals and expectations...which I think I'll start a thread in the Goals & Challenges section.

Anyways...I'm really glad to have everyone here at MicroGrinder Poker School.