I have a question about 5NL hand history review  


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December 4, 2017 9:10 pm  

First of all, thanks for your good lecture.

I am enjoying watching your videos little by little.

However, among 5NL history review, I have a question about the video, "Slowing down on a bad board texture (8:57)".

In my opinion, it seems that we need to remove the range of JJ+, AJs+/AJo+ for villain 4 since he is fish and got 13 % of 3 bet.

I feel that he would 3 bet, if he is holding at least JJ+, after hero raises.

What do you think, Alton?


Another one is maybe silly question.

When i use Equilap, I couldn't make the dark blue color of range although I followed your directions in video.

Could you please explain how to adjust color selection?


Thanks so much!

Alton - MicroGrinder Poker
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December 7, 2017 5:48 am  

No, we can't assume he 3-bets JJ+, AJs+/AJo+ because we pretty much need to ignore his 3-bet stats since we only have a sample size of 9 hands on him. We can only assume he is loose-passive given his VPIP and PFR stats with such a small sample size of hands. Given his stats in a sample size of 9 hands, it looks like he open-raised once, 3-bet once and call the remaining 7 hands. We can assume he maybe 3-bet a strong hand, given his loose-passive tendencies, but we can't infer much more than that.

Remember to always consider the sample size of hands with HUD stats.

Not sure what you mean by "adjusting color selection" in Equilab. I recommend using the "Help" menu in Equilab to learn more about how to use the software if you're having issues with it.