How to increase the number of tables i play  


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October 15, 2017 11:05 pm  

I currently play 20NL on Global Poker-you can take notes and know the player, but no HUDs. I play 2 tables most time. i play mostly Full ring games. They don't have zone poker.

I'm also starting to play on Ignition 4NL(new bankroll). They allow HUD's but its all anonymous. They do have Zone poker. i play Full ring 6 max and zone games. i am using this to get use to zone and 6-max.

I like playing 1 or 2 tables because i can get some good reads on players and take notes on global. 

How have other people added on more tables without loosing your focus on the tables. I feel like once I add on more tables i am just waiting for certain places or certain hands and not making smarter reads and plays. How do other people feel playing more tables and cope with it?



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October 17, 2017 9:20 am  

I would honestly just play 1 to 2 tables for now until you're able to play 3 tables just like you are two tables. You shouldn't rush into playing more table and making worse decisions but rather play less and play better.

On Global Poker, where there are no HUDs and you have to rely 100% on your notes and reads, its important to watch the action.