Using Equity to Promote Aggression  


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May 13, 2016 11:12 am  

Hello I just finished watching all the lecture videos in the 30NL course and am a bit confused on the concept of block betting particularly if it is advantageous and if I ever should be block betting. In the lecture I am referencing Regi mentions that block bets can be attacked on the river with nut blockers vs thinking (reg) players.

My question is on the purpose of making those block bets in the first place, is block betting simply another term for a thin value bet? As I understand from my previous reading and study there are two purposes to betting in poker either to make your opponent fold a better hand or to make your opponent continue with a worse one. Where does the concept of block betting fit into this framework?

Thank you for the course it has pointed me to a couple aspects I should be working on to improve my game.

Paul Regan
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May 13, 2016 11:43 am  

Hi and thanks for buying the course, I'm glad you have found it useful in some way.

I don't use block betting much as part of my strategy because I think it's pretty exploitable vs good players and often misses value vs bad players.

If you reach a river and you are out of position to your opponent but feel you have a hand you can bet for value, just try to sell your hand for as much as you think you can get for it before your size folds out too much of your opponents range that you're ahead of.

Extreme examples of this would be you have quad aces on AKQJA and you think your opponent has a straight. Betting too small here would be a mistake because if he has a straight, he's likely to call some pretty large bets.

Conversely, if you have pocket tens on a board reading something like 6679Q and think you can get called by hands like 88/A7 making a small bet would be fine because it would allow your opponent to call with some hands you beat and we could feel comfortable folding to a raise because it's very unlikely we would get raised in this spot with a worse hand than ours.

Essentially, block betting is quite a defensive and outdated play. It's quite easy to exploit a player that is using a block betting strategy and we should swerve using it against anyone we believe to be a reasonable player.