Player Reads  


Darren B
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May 17, 2016 12:58 am  

Id be interested to know if you go over players you encounter a lot and record any percentage stats or do you purely gain reads by looking at the went to showdown hands. For example a strategy I use a lot on WH from the CO or Button is checking up on Fold to Steal Pcent and opening wider if these seem high. I realise that you can open wider  because you have a skill advantage postflop. But for a reasonably bad postflop player (trying to get better) blind steals and bluffing vs players with high fold to cbet pcentages seems to be a way to get some edge on the player pool. 

Paul Regan
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May 17, 2016 1:19 am  

I do that a lot.

Before 888 updated and I lost a lot of my notes, I'd have notes that read something like this:

22/18 5% 3bet 1500 hands
Doesn't fold to many 3bets
cbets 100% in 3bet pots
Low river barrel percentage

I would also record any lines they take that don't fall in line with the population reads I use regularly.

It's far from a perfect science but in the light of no other information, it is a huge advantage to the players prepared to work hard in their database between sessions.