30nl Live Play Session - Part 1  


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June 12, 2016 5:40 am  

Hi Reg,
There are a couple of spots in which I'm wondering why you chose not to cbet.

13:40 J7o on 8A8tt - I think we have a lot of fold equity. We rep the ace and he's in a difficult spot without an ace.
Analysing this using Equilab shows (with preflop flatting range of 18%) he hit top-two or better or a good draw 44% of the time.
Filtering for similar flop textures using my database gave 15/33 = 45% (somewhat small sample, I know), enough to show a profit with a 60%-pot cbet.

15:15 98o on A8T mono - I think we have enough equity with our hand + a lot of fold equity, they don'y usually call without at least an ace/Kd/Qd.
I'd rather just try to take it down on the flop instead of playing the check-call game out of position.


Paul Regan
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June 12, 2016 6:53 pm  

Hi, thanks for buying the course 🙂

With the J7o, I don't like to cbet those types of boards when I have close to 0% chance of winning when called.

I much prefer to use a delayed cbet. When it checks to me twice, I will usually bet both the turn and the river to try and make my opponent fold anything that isn't Ax or 8x, which could include small/mid pairs, flush draws that have me high carded etc. Whereas if I bet the flop and get peeled by the same types of hand, I feel I'll mostly lose the pot because that isn't the type of board I'm going to be able barrel off on profitably.

It's just a personal style thing. Cbetting the flop and giving up is most certainly profitable, it's just not something I want to be doing much. Also, if we cbet all the time in these spots, we become pretty exploitable IMO.

With the 98, I'm not really sure what betting accomplishes. We don't get better hands to fold, we will often get called by worse but we can't really continue betting on future streets very often at all. Much like the first hand, I don't like cbetting flops when I don't have much of a plan for future streets. The line I took does involve more guesswork but it keeps our opponents range wider, which is quite useful in spots like these.

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July 19, 2016 1:56 pm  

Hi Regi,

Question about "bad spot" to use equity to promote aggression:

30NL part 1, 26:43min

You have there 9d8d and on the turn you picked flush draw and a gut shot? Why is this a bad spot to promote aggression? If you would have Ad for nut flush
would you raise in that spot? Does a paired board bothers you?