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Losing Isn't Fun, but Winning Is

The micro stakes are where most people begin learning about the beautiful game of poker and let’s face it, it can be a lot of fun to play. However, most new players miss out on the best part of all – WINNING.

Although your opponents at the micro stakes are mostly recreational players, just like you…it takes more than just luck to win more and stop losing your money.

And let’s face it…losing isn’t fun, but winning is. Yes, if you want to enjoy playing poker, you have to win the game consistently.

And being a long-term winning player at the micro stakes is the first step to move up to the higher stakes, making more money, and making poker a job. (That’s your dream, right?)

So how do you win at the micro stakes? How do you consistently win so you can move to the higher stakes and make more money?

Fortunately, that’s exactly what you’re going to learn here.

Welcome to MicroGrinder Poker School

Hi, I’m Alton Hardin. For those who don’t know me, I’m a poker coach, a best-selling author and the founder of the MicroGrinder Poker School.

And I have a confession: I am obsessed with micro stakes poker.

In fact, I love it so much that I have spent years not only learning how to dominate the micro stakes but working out the best way to teach other people to achieve the same success.

So, if you want to stop losing at the micro stakes for good, you’ve just hit the jackpot.

I Understand You

I understand what you need to learn to be successful at the micro stakes and become a consistent winner in these games.

I understand why strategies you’ve learned elsewhere aren’t helping you beat these games, although most of your opponents are recreational players. (Hint: Effective winning strategies are different at the micro stakes. I can show you the right approach to beating this game.)

I created MicroGrinder Poker School as a comprehensive one-stop resource to help both beginner and struggling micro stakes poker players improve their game and become a long-term winning player.

To achieve this goal, I’ve brought together some of the greatest minds in micro stakes poker, including Paul Regan and George Mathias to offer you the ultimate poker learning experience.

We have now developed over 30 courses and 700 videos specifically designed to help take your game to the next level.

This will help you dominate micro stakes and get ready to move up the stake.

What Sets Us Apart

We Focus on the Fundamentals

Unlike other schools that might try to get you to simply apply a concept, we know you can’t be a great poker player without mastering the fundamentals. We build your poker foundation with solid fundamentals, because we know the advanced concepts rely on them – so you can get great results without the painful mistakes that come from a mediocre understanding.

Always grounded in the four pillars for poker success

Winning poker is based on four foundational pillars: fundamental pre-flop strategies, fundamental post-flop strategies, essential poker mathematics, and sound player reading abilities. If a single one of these pillars is weak, you will never achieve consistent poker success. Our school is focussed on solidifying each and every pillar to force you to win.

We help you become a thinking poker player

Losing players tend to think about one or two variables in any given decision, and these may even be the wrong variables. But a winning poker player is a thinking player, and they consider all of the key variables in any given poker game decision. Through our courses we build a platform to help anyone becoming a thinking player, so they can consider all the key variables and get the edge in their poker games.


We'll Transform You into a Winning Poker Player

We Turn Losing Results like This

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Into Winning Results Like This

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But Don’t Take Our Word for It, Listen to What Our Students Have to Say:

“I cannot overstate the value that being an All-Access subscriber has brought to me. I came in being a casual, occasional poker player (home games) but had always been interested in poker. I had no idea how much there was to this game. I am less than 1/2 way through the content I want to cover on Alton’s site and I am already LIGHT YEARS ahead of where I was. If you are on the fence about becoming an All-Access subscriber, it seriously is a no-brainer. The amount of value vs price is a +EV play all day, every day!”

- Bradly

“I just wanted to let you know that I think this course has been superb. I play your videos and they put me in a calm and logical mood prior to playing, giving me a clear head and plan for playing. The course is my default without a dought, and has made me understand other material by people like Jonathan little, etc. by the way you explain things. Watching your videos makes me get the idea of what these other guys are trying to get across. I will keep watching these over and over again and will be buying your poker math book shortly. Many Thanks!”

- Peter

“It’s not just Alton’s good poker strategy, it’s also about his lecturing skills and class organization. It’s very deep and amazingly simple. You really can master micro stakes with it. Thanks, Alton!”

- Fernando

“Alton is a high quality teacher and does great job at explaining the mechanics of the game and the rationale behind poker decisions. This is far better than the rather “algorithmic approach” to the game proposed by some other poker training sites targeted at beginning players.”

- LD

“I took three of MicroGrinder Poker School’s courses while playing 5nl almost a year ago. Since then I have used the knowledge from these courses to get to 200nl. If you want to move up from the micro stakes, this poker school is for you.”

- Scott

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