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Alton Hardin is the founder of MicroGrinder Poker School and a #1 Amazon best-selling poker author and poker coach. He has published several poker books and courses and has been featured on the nationally-syndicated casino and poker industry talk radio show House of Cards. Alton has been playing poker for over a decade both live and online. Today, Alton enjoys playing the micro stakes for enjoyment and a teaching instrument, with his primary gaming being 6-Max NLHE, focusing on 25nl and below.


Paul Regan has been beating the micro stakes since 2008 with over $100,000 in lifetime winnings, with 30nl currently being his main game. He’s been coaching micro stakes players and working with MicroGrinder Poker, Regitime Poker, and GrinderSchool since 2014. He has a proven record of helping players just like you monetize their hobby. He believes all you need is a passion for the game, a sincere desire to improve, and a positive attitude to become a winning poker player.


George Mathias is a poker pro and coach who has built up his bankroll the classic way: laddering up the stakes from the humble beginnings of 2nl. He has more than three years of coaching experience under his belt, working for the likes of Upswing Poker, Card Player magazine and PokerVIP in the process. Being a seasoned regular at 200nl+, he attributes his success to having strong fundamentals at the table and looks forward to sharing this knowledge to help other players better their own game.


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To inquire about one-on-one coaching, you can email Alton at alton@microgrinder.com.

To inquire about one-on-one coaching, you can email Paul at reg@holker.st.

To inquire about one-on-one coaching, you can email George at georgemathiaspoker@gmail.com.