Poker Software & Training Tools


Poker Tracker 4

My personal choice! An industry standard poker tracking software and HUD tool that’s a must have for any serious online poker player! It has an amazing and powerful set of tools built into it to allow you to do robust analysis of your play.

Holdem Manager 3

Another popular poker tracking software and HUD suite. To be honest, its just as popular as Poker Tracker 4 and both are created by the same company. You really can’t go wrong with either Holdem Manager 3 or Poker Tracker 4. It all comes down to design and interface preference.


Drive HUD

A wonderful and affordable poker tracking and HUD software application, especially for those playing on Ignition Casino. Prices start at $9 per year for their micro stakes option – a price you can’t beat! Drive HUD, along with Holdem Indicator are the only two HUDs that natively work with Ignition Casino right out of the box!



The equity calculator in poker, period. Equilab is the go-to equity calculator for NLHE – plus its free! If you don’t have Equilab installed on your computer, I recommend you do so. Its a wonderful, free equity calculator and range analysis tool that I use on a daily basis. One of the best features in Equilab is the ability to create, save and organize your own custom ranges in their software – a godsend while playing online.



Flopzilla is an equity and range analysis software that more advanced than Equilab. It allows you to do some really in-depth analyses with a very slick and easy-to-use interface. While Equilab is great for a majority of things we do at the micro stakes, Flopzilla is something you might want to consider as you advance in your game.