Introducing Our Latest Poker Course: How to Beat Bovada Zone 5NL

Introducing Our Latest Poker Course: How to Beat Bovada Zone 5NL

How to Beat Bovada Zone 5NL

Learn Population Reads Based Strategies for Beating Anonymous Bovada Speed Poker

Bovada Zone is unlike any other form of online No Limit Holdem poker. What sets it apart is that it is not only speed poker, but anonymous as well! Every single hand you play is against a complete unknown opponent with absolutely zero reads. You cannot tag your opponents, take notes on them, or use HUD stats…which puts you at a disadvantage compared to non-anonymous speed poker.

Unlike other forms of micro stakes poker, you can’t truly employ exploitative poker techniques on the fly, adjusting to table dynamics and your opponents in-game tendencies.

So how do you overcome this disadvantage and develop sound strategies to beat Bovada Zone? You develop population reads and standard lines, which is what this course will teach you to do!

Develop Population Reads with Poker Tracker 4

In the first section of the course, I walk students through my Poker Tracker 4 database with over 50,000 hands on my opponents at Bovada Zone 5NL to develop solid population reads on the entire play pool by position. In doing so, show students how to develop a sound strategy for playing against the entire player pool of Bovada Zone 5NL players.

Demonstrating Standard Lines in 4.5 Hours of Live Play

I then take these standard lines, based upon population reads, and demonstrate how to effectively utilize them in over 4.5 hours of live play video, highlighting how we must rely on our standard lines strategy to play against each opponent as if that opponent represented the entire player pool.

Hand History Reviews

I then conclude the class by reviewing several hand history reviews where I made some significant hero folds, not knowing if it was correct or incorrect in a vacuum. Lastly I review my Poker Tracker 4 database at the end of the course to re-enforce what was discussed earlier in the course and to show how profitable Bovada Zone 5NL can be in the long-run compared to standard Bovada 6-Max 5NL games.

Do You Want to Beat Bovada Zone 5NL?

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